October 2016

Question 1

Why does the council have the community toilets locked at a certain site? This makes it highly inconvenient and dangerous for residents when returning to their flats.

Question 2

Why does the council deem it necessary to lock the heating to the community room at a certain site?

Question 3

Why do the residents have to ask a site officer to make available the gardening equipment for them to use? (His availability is an inconvenience)

Question 4

Why was the CCTV not working when two acts of vandalism occurred at a certain site?

Question 5

Why did it take over six months to repair the damaged, at a certain site, caused by a contractor’s vehicle?

Question 6

Why was there over six months between the first contractor to remove asbestos from resident’s properties, and the second contractor to do the repairs? (If the time between contractors had been reduced, there would have been little or no effect to the residents well-being).

Question 7

Why did the council change green area maintenance contractors? The original supplier cut, removed and disposed of the grass from all sheltered housing areas. The new supplier only cuts the grass, thus saving the council money (The council charges the new contractor for disposal of the grass). This new arranged serves no benefit to the residents.

Question 8

Contrary to what the council has officially stated, why are the residents paying for a Site Manager with no responsibility?