Are in you in favour of being a Housing Association?

Do Independent Living residents really want the prospect of housing associations running their sites.

With more and more Independent Living sites coming under redevelopment and residents being moved around to accommodate these changes, do we think its right that after the work is complete that housing associations might be asked to run the sites on behalf of the council. We would like people thoughts on the prospect that this might happen; please leave a reply below to let us know how you feel.
Stuart Merrick (Trustee of SAVEDusap)

One comment on “Are in you in favour of being a Housing Association?
  1. Tammy Stevenson says:

    Iam currently renting a one bedroom.flat in aigburth liverpool L17 . I have lived here for nearly 10 years . I love the area and my accomadation. And get along very well with the neighbours .but as I am nearly 50 years of age and have recently been having problems with my feet. The soles of my feet have become very sore leaving me sometimes unable to walk on my foot. I have also been diagnosed with a lack of vitamin D although I try to manage a relatively healthy diet and lifestyle. I have been thinking of putting my name forward for while for alternative accomadation and I feel a bungalow would be ideal. And would also benefit from having a garden .

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