Council waste money on finding Housing Forum Representatives

21st November 2016

According to local newspapers, Councillors are unimpressed by the level of money being wasted, in finding two tenant representatives to join a new housing forum group. The council felt that rather than they choose the candidates, an outside agency would be engaged to present no bias in this decision; the cost to the council was £6,000. The previous housing forum included the residents, as prescribed by the council. Unfortunately due to differing opinions between residents and council, this housing forum was closed.
The decision of only having two tenant representatives was taken early on in the development of the new housing forum group, with the outside agency tasked with this undertaking…..however the council, in their infinite wisdom, seemed to have a ‘candidate’ already line up for the post; which

has since been confirmed. This does seem a bit odd as a number of ‘applicants’ had come forward, with this number narrowed down to a possible five, but then were never chosen.
The council are now going to spend another £6000 to find someone for the job, bringing the total to £12,000 at present. The old housing forum, which the council stated was too expenses, but accepted by everyone involved and only cost £12,000 per annum. So much for saving money!
Stuart Merrick
(SAVED Trustee)