First Stroud Tenants and Residents Association meeting.

10th April 2017

On the 7th April at Cambridge House, Dursley, SAVED members attended a meeting held between General Needs and Sheltered Accommodations Tenants within and around the Stroud area. The aim of the meeting was to bring all tenants together, to discuss issues and find an appropriate way forward to mediate these concerns to Stroud District Council.
During the meeting, tenants raised many issues affecting them and what could be done. These discussions brought about the idea of bringing all tenants under a new group that could hopefully ask the questions on their behalf: thus Stroud Tenants and Resident Association CIC being formed (S.T.A.R. for short)
Members discussed what the aims of S.T.A.R. would be and who would fill what positions on the charity. This was carried out by a vote at the meeting with Directors, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary confirmed as – Chairman: Sophia Taylor; Treasurer: Christopher Smith (Springfield); Secretary/Director: Shelia Thomas; Directors: John Gillard (Springfield Court), Peter Price (Cambridge House) and Wayne Kronkye (Glebelands).
Aims of the new charity would be to promote best practices, uniting activities, open days, provide help to residents, social care advice including The Care Act 2014, changes to benefits, legal implications and any other issues/changes that might affect them.

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Hopefully, with this in place, a renewed relationship with Stroud District Council could be formed to bring about positive improvements to all involved. The date for the next meeting: 9th May 2017 (to be confirmed along with time and venue.)
Stuart Merrick
SAVED Trustee