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So lets get straight to it!

Over the last few days it has been reported by us and local newspapers, that Stroud District Council has taken the decision to remove all Fire Extinguishers from all communal areas within Sheltered Housing. Residents only become aware of this decision after a meeting between two SAVED members and Council Representatives on the 31st January; they were also informed that if a fire was to start, to ring the Fire Service (You think so!) and to stay indoors. With concerns raised by residents because of this decision, a SAVED representative contacted the Fire Service for their thoughts on this issue. They informed us that since 2006 legislation changed; its up to individual councils if fire extinguishers are installed within Sheltered Housing, or not. Now this raises many questions on safety of the residents which SAVED are….To read more on this issue please follow this link.
Now the story above is one of the many issues that we at SAVED are trying to address: but this not just happening to residents in Stroud; many people are facing similar issues across the United Kingdom (Read Private Eye anyone!). To help raise awareness on many problems faced by the elderly, vulnerable and disabled, here are a few stories that we have covered on our website that make for interesting reading.
National Audit Office asked to look into Motability.
The social housing system is being demolished without a whimper.
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plans to demolish four properties.

Muddle’ and ‘confusion’ over DWP’s 1.6 million PIP reviews.
Now the election is over, politicians have sidelined social care again.
Sheltered Housing News.
Hope you have enjoyed our first blog, see you next time.
Stuart Merrick (Trustee of SAVEDusap)

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