Local Council’s opposing views about planning permission

20th April 2016

A recent article in a local newspaper showed that a Local Council has a different attitude towards private sector development plans compared to their own public sector housing. The Sheltered Accommodation in the local area will soon be undergoing a series of redevelopments over the coming months which will affect all residents involved. Residents have raised many concerns of how these changes will affect them, at several meetings with the council, but their voices are being ignored.
Now counter this with the local council response when it comes to private sector development plans in the local area, by challenging the plans legally after seeking a judicial review.

The question over whether the local council is right to challenge the private sector development plans is not in doubt. The local council is doing right by the community, by hearing their voices, the council is trying to protect their area from over development. This does seemed to show double standards in its approach to private than public housing. They are prepared to hear the concerns from one side of the community when being affected by private redevelopment, but not so much with public housing residents concerns over the changes that will affect them.