Proposed Changes to Sheltered Housing Alarm Systems


Recommended changes to Pull Cord Alarm System in all Independent Living Accommodation Sites.


Provided below is a link to a Stroud District Council letter, that was sent all residents in Independent Living Accommodation, about the proposed changes in the Pull Cord Alarm System across all sites. Some of the proposed changes areas follows:
1) The provider of the present system, Tunstall,
     to be replaced by Careline
2) No pull cord throughout the home
3) You only pay for the service if you subscribe to it
4) A small device will installed by the telephone socket
5) OK Each Day FREE service to be removed by 2020
6) Proposed changes to the Tenancy Agreement
Is is recommended that all resident read the letter, about the proposed changes, and if possible pass on any issues they may have with the proposals by contacting Christopher Smith on 01453 520056

Please click here to download letter