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independent housing imageA million families at risk of becoming homeless in next three years, charity Shelter warns

Rising numbers unable to pay for lowest available rent in private sector, says report… more from The Independent

social care being sidelined

Now the election is over, politicians have sidelined social care again….

It was interesting to watch the sudden spike of interest in social care during the general election campaign… more from the Guardian

warden reduced at sheltered homes

Cuts to support services for vulnerable people could mean reduction of wardens at sheltered homes

Surrey County Council has asked residents for their views on plans to cut £2.8m in funding for its housing-related support service… more from getSurrey website

guardian social

More than 250,000 are homeless in England – Shelter

More than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England, an analysis of the latest official figures suggests… more from the BBC

wottonunderedge_houses_demolishedWotton residents ‘disgusted’ at being forced out of their houses after plans to demolish four properties……read more from the Thornbury Gazette


Housing crisis threatens a million families with eviction by 2020….read more from the Guardian


Dryleaze Court Sold Off?

According to recent information released via the local newspaper, Dryleaze Court Sheltered Housing… more

tags meeting 07apr17A

First Stroud Tenants and Residents Association meeting.

On the 7th April at Cambridge House, Dursley, SAVED members….read more


Council tax fiasco, that left families without money at Christmas, cost SDC £11,600….read more

SDC no money image

Stroud District Council mistake leaves families with no money….read more

Council waste money on finding Housing Forum Representatives

According to local newspapers, Councillors are unimpressed by the level of money being wasted, in finding two tenant representatives to join a new housing forum group. The council felt that rather than they choose the candidates, an outside agency would be engaged to present no bias in this decision; the cost to the council was £6,000. The previous housing forum included the residents, as prescribed by the council. Unfortunately due… more

Stroud District Council Red Zone Debacle.

It has become more apparent, in recent meetings, where Stroud District Council expects to replenish most of its lost revenue in the current fiscal year – Sheltered Residents within our community.
Cost Saving Point 1
Over the last 2 years we have seen the loss of 60% of very important on-site Housing Officers, who used to act as an intermediary between the vulnerable, disabled and elderly ……read more

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