SAVED News 2014

November 2014

Many thanks to Clive and the residents of the Corriett and Draycott in Cam.

Clive showed the residents what the new Savedusap web site would look like and I understand that the feedback was positive even though not “officially” launched. We intend to go round all of the sites in the next 2-3 weeks with leaflets and a show how to access the site and how to make comments and suggestions.. Once again ladies and gentlemen of The Corriett, thank you, its good to know that the web site looks. However, this is just the beginning, as they say ….. watch this space.


Don’t be afraid to call an ambulance

One of our residents who quite naturally didn’t want to make “ a fuss” was poorly over the week end at the beginning of November, he spoke to his doctor who put it down to a bout of gastro problems but the symptoms became worse over the Sunday night and he was in serious pain, he pulled the emergency cord and was asked if he wanted an ambulance, again he refused. What followed was a process of esculation with 4 or 5 telephone calls over a 2 hour period with the same questions being asked over and over again, eventually the final option was wait for a doctor’s visit the following day or get an ambulance there and then. Common sense prevailed and he is now getting the right treatment and is recovering. He was also told by his SHO not to be so stubborn!