SAVED(Usap) grant gives residents a new lease of life


Grove Park Road residents in Uplands successfully applied for a £3000 grant from SAVED(Usap) for a much needed wheelchair and a walker. The equipment will help residents have a new lease of life by overcoming any mobility issues, join in more social activities and will enable them get out more with friends and family.

SAVED Walker

Grove Park resident Jean Cooke said. “One lady uses the wheelchair regularly to come into the lounge forevents like coffee mornings and fish and chip dinners. Another lady uses the wheelchair so her daughter can take her shopping. It’s made a real difference to their lives.”
        84-year-old great grandmother Delphine Furley, who has lived at the scheme for 17 years, said “I used to go into town once a week but wasn’t able to after injuring my leg in an accident back in March. Now I use this wheelchair so my daughter can take me into town, out for lunch or on day trips. It’s marvellous – it has been a real godsend for me.”
Any sheltered housing schemes interested in applying for a SAVED(Usap) grant please contact Wayne Kroncke: