SAVED Letter Page

SAVED has setup the letters page for any stories about any services provided to residents within their sheltered housing accommodation. All letters will be treated anoymously unless otherwise stated.(Please be aware that letters will monitored before being reproduced).


February 2016

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

From a resident

Just before Christmas my Industrial Injuries Benefit expired so rather than telling me before the expiry date they waited until a week after it had run out. I was then asked to attend an assessment in Gloucester at the start of the New Year. However, when I had travelled to the assessment centre I was met by the doctor who had carried out my last assessment some 5 years earlier. On that occasion she decided I was not poorly enough to receive the benefit. Nevertheless I appealed against her decision and she was overruled by a tribunal. Thus, when I arrived this time and she had established that I had appealed and won after our last “meeting” she refused to see me again and left me to return home.

I then wrote a letter of complaint to their management team in Birmingham to say that not only had I had a wasted journey but I had been without my benefit for over 5 weeks. To my amazement the next day I had notification of another appointment in BARNSTAPLE, over 100 miles away in DEVON. I then rang their office and asked the question…. Why? Yes time is of the essence and it appears that the same doctor covers all the assessment centres in between!!!!! She must earn a fortune!
Talk about wasted money to date I will have had to travel over 275 miles for this assessment. Just because the DWP doctor doesn’t like being proved wrong!!!


Resident’s comments about
The Stroud District Council

“Over the recent past there has been a total breakdown in communication and a loss of trust with the council”
Mr C sheltered resident, age 71

“The council must learn how to communicate with the sheltered residents”
Mr G sheltered resident, age 80

“Why are we having to pay a £100 per month service charge to the council when we no longer receive a service?”
Mrs S a sheltered resident, age 81

“The council have told me that I will have to move from my home but they don’t know when and they don’t know where I will be sent. My daughter lives just down the road and I don’t want to move further away”
Mrs W sheltered resident, age 76