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Why more people are talking about the issue of social care

The care system helps older and disabled people with day-to-day tasks like washing, dressing, eating and medication. It is under pressure across the UK after past governments failed to reform or fund the council-run system properly. Experts believe the problems are now so acute that politicians who ignore the issue at this election, do so at their peril. The system is devolved across the four nations, meaning parties need to develop solutions unique to their region….. read more.

Great Western Air Ambulance to visit SAVEDusap

We are please to announce that the Great Western Air Ambulance Service are visiting SAVEDusap on the 31st July 2019, to talk to the resident about the great work and service they provide for the local area. ……. read more.

Image Copyright: Great Western Air Ambulance

Proposed Changes to Sheltered Housing Alarm Systems

Recommended changes to Pull Cord Alarm System in all Independent Living Accommodation Sites……. read more.

Closure of Stroud care homes confirmed

Two care homes will definitely close after a move to reverse the decision failed……. read more.


SAVEDusap Trustees would like to confirm that contrary to information that is in the local media, on-line and on social media….read more.

Macmillian Coffe Morning

On September 28th at 10:30am – 12:30pm Springfield Court is holding a Macmillian Coffee Morning for all residents and family members to attend…… read more.

SAVEDusap secures Zurich Insurance funding

SAVEDusap would like to say thank you to Zurich Insurance for there kind support and help they have provided through the extra funding. The video provided….read more.

Are in you in favour of being a Housing Association?

Do Independent Living residents really want the prospect of housing associations running their sites….. read more.

Sheltered Housing Moving Issue!

Is it realistic for residents in sheltered housing, to move out from their present property to new accommodation within a 3-5 day period; Stroud District Council seem to think so!…read more from Disability News Service

fire extinguishers

Communal Fire Extinguishers Removals

The SDC have made a decision regarding fire precautions in Sheltered communities communal areas…. read more.

tenants handbook

Stroud District Council Tenants Handbook

For all residents of both Shelter Housing and General Needs, as guide to responsibilities between you the tenant and SDC the landlord…. read more.

NAO mobility

National Audit Office asked to look into Motability

Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has asked the National Audit Office to look into the finances and pay policy of the Motability charity……read more from the BBC

disability news image

‘Muddle’ and ‘confusion’ over DWP’s 1.6 million PIP reviews

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is causing “muddle” and “confusion” by refusing to clarify which disabled people….read more from Disability News Service

archway gardens

Archway Garden Community Group, based in Paganhill, Stroud, Gloucestershire, have joined forces with SAVED to help promote…. read more.

sheltered housing newspaper

SAVED has created an online news site for all Sheltered Housing and General Needs News. So to keep up to date, please click here.

social housing-guardian

The social housing system is being demolished without a whimper

In the past seven years there has been a systematic reduction in social housing. Since 2010,… more from the Guardian website

saved questionnaire

How do you rate your Council Services?

The SAVED Questionnaire has been created for all residents to participate in, to give your own rating on how your council is performing… more

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