Sheltered Housing Moving Issue!


Is it realistic for residents in sheltered housing, to move out from their present property to new accommodation within a 3-5 day period; Stroud District Council seem to think so!


When residents in sheltered housing approach the council about moving to another site, they are required to fill in an application form. Access is then given to the Gloucestershire Homeseeker website with a list of properties available. Depending on the urgency of the resident’s request they are then added to a waiting list and categorised as either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Emergency; most are allocated Bronze. Once the accommodation chosen becomes available the residents are asked to sign a contract with the council to proceed with the move. Now what has happened to a few residents in the past, is that they are only given a MAXIMUM of 5 days!. Now this seems a considerable short time for elderly residents to move all their belongings and possessions (packing can be strenuous, difficult and because of their age take longer to do), even with family help. Does this not seem unfair? The only alternative is to pay a months rent on both properties until the move is complete: the cost to the resident can exceed £1000!.
SDC need to consider why the residents in sheltered housing, who pay over £1000 per year in extra services, couldn’t be offered a minimum of 1 month to leave. This would help negate the extra expense and reduce the anxiety of moving to another property – RED ZONE AREA residents don’t need to worry about these issues as the council help you move! Is this because its in the councils best interest to do so!
If there are any residents who have had similar problems when moving, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Stuart Merrick
Trustee of SAVEDusap