Transport Questionnaire

Healthwatch Gloucestershire have asked SAVED residents to provide their experiences (good or bad) of getting transport to and from medical appointments i.e. to your doctors, hospital etc. The short questionnaire below has been designed to help you with responses; if you are responsible for someone else, then the questions should be applied to you both. Once completed, SAVED will pass on your comments to the relevant healthcare trusts/local councils, to help provide a better and more convenient service.
All information is made without reference to your name or address, thus is totally anonymous.

1) Have you required transport to and from your doctor, hospital or any other medical appointment in the last 12 month?

Yes No

2) Where did you obtain the information regarding the services which are available? (Please tick where appropriate)

Doctor Surgery
LINK/PALS/Healthwatch/ Patient Advice
Family, Friends

3) Was the booking service easy to complete

Yes No

4) Were you able to track your order for the transport

Yes No

5) Was the transport suitable for your needs and if applicable, where their any of the 3 options listed? (If No, please give reason)

Yes No
Wheelchair access?
Suitable support staff?
Did you have the ability to take a family member/friend with you?

6) Was the transport service on time and comfortable?

Yes No
If the service was not on time was the delay in collection from:
other medical service
Was the time delay:
Less than 1 hour
More than 1 hour
More than 2 hours
More than 4 hours

If you would like to tell us more about your experiences when using transport to and from medical appointments, please email: or phone: 01453 520046 or alternately write us at: SAVEDUSAP, 46 Dryleaze Court, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 7BL

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